Mr. Bake

Ask Mr. Bake

Where are you located?
We are located in Hystville, MD

How can I taste your product?
Since we bake in small batches and to order, you can sample a mini cupcake of what ever is being baked that week. This allows for freshness, and having customers taste a variety of our products. Tasting and consultations are for weddings or cakes serving 75 people or more or $300 or more.

How and when do I schedule a Tasting and Consultation?
All tasting and consultation must be made two weeks in advance.

At my tasting will I be able to taste the flavors I like?
We serve our best selling cake flavors at each tasting, we will try and accommodate you.

How far ahead do I needed to order my cake?
We don’t like to rush people but we ask for a minimum of two weeks for simple cakes.

How do I secure your services?
Usually, a 50% non-re-fundable deposit is needed two weeks before your order is due.

I need to cancel my order how cake I do so?
We understand things happen, cancelled orders must be made a week before your order due date. All orders that are paid in full and cancel will received 50% credit of their current order towards their next order, which is good up to 6 months.

What payment methods do you take?
We take all major credit cards, cash and payments are accepted via pay pal.

Do You Deliver?
Yes, we do please contact us about this service.