Mr. Bake

About Mr. Bake!

Photograph of Mr. Bake

Mr. Bake was born Karem Queeman, and raised in Harlem NYC on the sweet streets of Sugar Hill. Mr. Bake passion for baking started in middle school when he enrolled in a few cooking classes, which started his love of baking and pastries.

“Kareem got the name “Mr. Bake” from one of his great friends Jerome Williams which quickly became a name he was known as.”

What He Does

Photograph of a strawberry shortcake

Mr. Bake took his interest in all things sweet and found himself enrolling into his career at Monroe College Culinary Arts program in New York City. Getting his AS and BS while attending Monroe College, Mr. Bake worked with some of New York City leading bakeries, such as Carrot Top Pastries, Make my Cake, Sara Beth bakery, and Billy’s bakery.

In 2010 Mr. Bake re-located to Alexandria VA where he got a sweet opportunities to work as a cake decorator and help open a bakery in Mclean, VA called Fluffy Thoughts cakes. At Fluffy Thoughts cakes, Mr. Bake was able to take his skills to the next level and learn a lot of valuable lesson to use when he opens his store front.

After leaving Fluffy Thoughts cakes Mr. Bake switched gears to General manager for Crumbs bakeshop. In the mist of his employment with Crumbs bakeshop Mr. Bake got moved to start his own business. And on June 2012 Mr. Bake LLC was born.

Mr. Bake caters to the greater Washington Dc area with his sweet treats and smile.